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In practicing with us, you have the opportunity to train under some very accomplished, talented masters.

Master Daniel Grant

Master Grant is a 6th level black belt who oversees the activities of several Tae Kwon Do schools in the Capital region. In addition to runing the promotion test that takes place at the end of each semester, he visits our club at least a few times a year. His long experience in Tae Kwon Do allows him a deep insight into the techniques of the art, and his teaching reflects this knowledge. Almost the archetypical martial arts master, his apearance as an older gentleman might belie his strength and vitality to those who do not know better.

Master Ray Boccagna

Master Boccagna is a 6th level black belt who began his training as a white belt under Master Grant in Hudson, and has been training students at RPI for about 15 years. Master Boccagna trains students with a large emphasis placed on effective self defense, which is reflected by his powerfuld and highly controlled sparring style. New students are often surprised by his ability to anticipate their techniques, and his seemingly slow-motion punches that still leave them with no time to block.

Master Chris McEvoy

Master McEvoy is a 5th degree black belt and Computer Science Graduate student who has been training and teaching at RPI for several years. From the techniques that he executes to the practices that he runs, Master McEvoy's style is typified by a tremendous amount of power, stamina, and enthusiasm. It is not unusual for Master McEvoy to run seven miles to work in the morning, run six miles to come to practice with us for an hour and a half in the evening, and then run eight miles home.

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